Tayard Geographical Map

The countries of Tayard

Th TayardianSeas

The World of Tayard

A vast world of continents and countries. The Clockwork Era has spread centuries ago and left behind ancient ruins that are called clockwork mansions.

Countries Edit

Svanska Empire: A vast empire in northern Tayard.

Jhangia: A huge country and empire in the east of Tayard. Jhangia is ruled by the Tzu Hua Huangti or "Purple Lotus Emperor"

Kingdom of Ivanalise: A kingdom in central Tayard. The capital is Clockwise City.

Ozhmanian Empire: A powerful empire located in middle eastern Tayard that is ruled by a Sultan.

Sheinango: The militaristic frontier nation that takes over other regions by storming their capitals. An old rival of Jhangia.